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August 2



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I'm looking for the perfect opportunity to engage an audience the best way I know how.

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BC Babbles posted a blog post
You had plans to move on to from you current job and finally get your first break. Then the world fell into crisis mode and you're quarantined....Now what? LISTEN HERE
BC Babbles posted a blog post
BC Babbles gets a surprise email back from Bruce Coville! How will BC Babbles react? Will he get to read "The Monster's Ring"?  LISTEN HERE
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May 18
BC Babbles posted a blog post
BC Babbles is in the middle of trying to figure if he can share with you on of his FAVORITE BOOKS. Will he be successful?? LISTEN HERE
May 14
BC Babbles posted a blog post
Today I discuss my tips on how to figure out your media voice. LISTEN HERE
May 12
BC Babbles posted a blog post
I share some of my thoughts and tips gained from my recent years in the broadcasting industry for anyone who's planning to study communications or broadcasting in college. LISTEN HERE
May 8
BC Babbles posted a blog post
My parents dropped a bomb on me and my bros this past weekend and I am at a loss on how to handle the situation. What are your thoughts??   LISTEN HERE
May 6
BC Babbles posted a blog post
A BRAND NEW SHOW for a BRAND NEW DECADE. Casual Babble is a millennials powwow where any random topic is up discussion by CREATOR  and HOST BC Babbles. In this intro, Babbles is talking about some of the personal DRAMA that ensued during his efforts…
May 4
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Apr 30
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Mar 9
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