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In the new decade ahead it will be an absolute necessity for black Americans to forge alliances that secure our own economic advancement. It all starts on an individual level. Taking the time to become familiar with how we will be able to embrace wea

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Over the last 5-7 years its become a pretty popular trend for everyday retail investors to sink portions of their savings into Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, or Google stock options. In most cases investors made lofty returns n these new technolo

It's always a popular discussion over at ECC to constantly reflect on how the public reacts to a number of marketing situations. A few case studies reveal the general thoughts and reactions of customers and service providers. Looking through the view

We are very excited here at ignite for season two of the podcast because we are back bigger and better than ever. We have updated the quality of our audio, cover art, and just our brand as a whole surrounding the podcast. This season we are digging a