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Brotha Speak Show 61


Who is Erica B?

In the 61st Brothaspeak Podcast episode, we talk to LGBT indie artist, Erica B. This Indie Hip Hop artist with an Hypnotic R&B Flow has been in the music scene going towards 10 years and she shows no signs of stopping. In her first interview she opens up about her journey, sound, and her life.  

Erica B. - Social Media

Twitter - 1ericab
IG - 1.erica.b
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Soundcloud - thevisionaryeb
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Listen here: https://cloudup.com/cr27ubdb0Gw 

Wakey wakey eggs and bacey–you’re living in a nightmare state! This week, I talk with Rodney Anonymous of The Dead Milkmen, who has a lot to say about the state of things, but reassures us that this isn’t the first time humans have felt like the world was doomed.


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