Atlanta, GA, April 12, 2018 --( Two communications and media industry innovative teams are joining together to unleash the power of television, radio, and independent social media communications channels. Over the past few days Garland McLaughlin, CEO of Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC has been working out the details for a partnership with Joe LoRe', General Manager of Tv47 Atlanta. Both organizations will depend heavily on deploying strategic campaigns that generate sizable awareness for both organizations and their services.

The partnership will largely expand viewership beyond the local Atlanta area for Tv47. Tv47 is branded as an online television station with an additional channel that operates out of New Orleans, Louisiana as well. The Partnership will utilize the capabilities of Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC to connect the 2 online television stations and streamline both stations online identities and services throughout the southeast and southwestern United States. Exquisite Podcast Radio Network will play a complementary role within the partnership. EPRN hosts more than 25 network programs on their newly designed platform and have demonstrated a global reach of more than 250 cities. Together Tv47, EPRN, and Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC will deliver powerful and valuable independent television, radio, and social media. The combined potential reach of online television viewers and podcast radio listeners has swelled to more than 55,000,000 households as a result of the partnership.

New technology and applications have also made the partnership between Exquisite Conglomerate Communications and Tv47 possible. By utilizing all available media resource through online methodologies both organizations were able to define each others strengths and weaknesses. Solutions were formulated and the benefits of the partnership were also discussed. The negotiation process for the partnership was smooth and within a couple of days of sending Mr. LoRe' an outlined proposal Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC's logo and hyper link were placed on the partnership section of the website. Other partners and more information can be found about Tv47 on the page.

Tv47 is committed to broadcasting quality and timeless television. They are committed to providing the public with valuable information as well as wholesome quality entertainment. "Tv47 is an Internet based broadcast Television Network providing viewers with a *FREE Over-The-Air broadcast television experience on their TV and web connected TV devices." With an expanded reach and a unlimited supply of potential viewers Tv47 is taking television online to the next level. EPRN is also taking podcast radio to the next level as a result of the combined media partnership. Businesses, event promoters, journalists, and media professionals will find that the partnership will exceed their overall expectations to spread their voices, and content to larger and attentive audiences.


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