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$100 WEEKLY CASH PRIZE • $1500 Cash Prize if you correctly select the winners of ALL 15 BATTLE COURT matches played in a given week.



Battle Court Jai-Alai is the world's fastest ball sport played in a new, electrifying format.

Battle Court features two (2) singles players or two (2) doubles teams in a head-to-head battle for court dominance.

An Battle Court match is won by the first player to secure 2 out of 3 sets.

It takes six (6) points to win a set, and two (2) sets to win a match.

Similar to other sports (i.e. tennis), a player may fault one (1) time on a serve.

But, if two (2) serves result in faults, then the opponent wins the point.

At the start of a new point, the ball is served by the winner of the previous point.

However, at the start of a new set, the loser of the previous set will begin with the serve.

The action is lightning fast, so strategy and stamina are the name of the game in Battle Court Jai-Alai!





• Select the winners of ALL 15 Battle Court matches played each week (9 total singles matches, 6 total doubles matches)
• You will receive 1 point for each correct selection
• You will receive 0 points for an incorrect selection
• The weekly winner is determined by the total number of points collected by the end of an official week of play.  The team with the highest point total, at the end of an active week, WINS the weekly prize ($100). If you correctly select the winners of ALL the matches played in a given week, you will earn $500. If multiple teams share the highest point total, then the weekly prize is split evenly among all of the winning teams. 

• You must submit your drafted team by 4:59 PM ET every Sunday (before the first Battle Court match of the week) to be valid.

• The matches will change each week, so you MUST make new selections every week 


As of Feb. 14, 2022 - the weekly prize is $100 to a single weekly winner. If you correctly select the winners of ALL the Battle Court matches in a given week, the prize will be $1500, instead of the usual $100. If there is more than 1 winner in the same week, then the prize money from that week will be divided by the number of winning teams (minimum $25 guarantee). 

You have one week from the time you receive the confirmation email for your Fantasy Jai-Alai victory to respond with your contact information. If you fail to submit the requested information in that time, you will FORFEIT your winnings.

*Please do not create multiple team accounts. Anyone found to be managing more than one fantasy team in the league will effectively forfeit his/her weekly prize and potentially face disqualification from the league.*


The matches and all player stats are updated EVERY SINGLE WEEK. 
You must submit new selections every week to earn points. 
You will receive an official email every Wednesday (unless otherwise noted) to confirm that you may begin making your selections for the upcoming week of the Battle Court Fantasy Jai-Alai.


In the event a player/team has to forfeit BEFORE the match begins, every participant WILL receive points, regardless of the team you actually selected. 

However, if the match begins and a player/team is forced to forfeit/retire DURING PLAY, a winning team will be declared and scored as such. 

"NO CONTEST" will be ruled when both players and/or teams cannot play as scheduled. In this case, NOBODY will receive any points.

Watch your progress on or the "JAI-ALAI" App on your Apple, Android and Roku devices!


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