GSX or Gold Secured Currency

GSX or Gold Secured Currency
*Start Investing in a Crypto backed by Physical Gold Vehicle Here* (GSX also stands for Gold Secured Currency).
GSX is a Crypto backed by Physical Gold from their own mining sites across the world. You will even be able to exchange your GSX for physical gold as well. This is by far the most revolutionary crypto project I've ever seen and a genius solution.
At Black Star Fund LLLP we're comfortable investing and sharing GSX because it's backed by something of REAL value, something you can really cut the check with!
GSX is MUCH more than just what I've mentioned above. It's almost overwhelming to understand how big this project truly is. Asset backing, coin burn, a stable coin, cryptocurrency, and investment coin that pays yearly dividends distributed back to the shareholder. That's just a slightly more detailed explanation but there's still much more to learn about the accumulation process.
GSX has also launched which is like a Facebook / Amazon marketplace / Crypto Exchange / Social media networking center allowing you, the investor, to exchange GSX for BTC or ETH. They also are working on a mobile app called GOLD inc. which allows you to mine crypto and earn rewards in a gaming scenario platform to exchange for physical gold, or GSX.
Over the next 3 years, GSX will be expanding into other mining operations beyond gold and copper, and if you want to see their results, mining locations, etc. they even share their Geological data report on the site! By the way, this isn't sponsored. This information is derived from everything I've learned about the Company and the cryptocurrency so far. GSX has caught my attention, because of the idea behind it, & especially seeing the results of what they are doing and not just "saying" they will eventually do. This coin is still new as the company is too, so be patient especially with a project being this big. It's going to take time, so take the first steps in reaping future rewards here*
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