Make Black America Great Again: #TANGIBLES2020

In the new decade ahead it will be an absolute necessity for black Americans to forge alliances that secure our own economic advancement. It all starts on an individual level. Taking the time to become familiar with how we will be able to embrace wealth and opportunities that are rightfully our own will push us all forward together as a group. After decades of silence, Foundational Black Americans are making a stand to give our families, culture, and economies the necessary fighting chance to properly acquire reparations and essential opportunities denied to foundational blacks, our ancestors and decedents.


Now more than ever is the time for a stand to be made and a complete shift can be made quickly. Much of the conflicts involving class warfare and racism which black Americans face daily can be combated by only participating in systems that our own people operate and control. We must also acquire assets that are relatively inexpensive in today’s dollars, but traditionally they grow in value over short and long periods of time. We must begin to understand how and when it is appropriate to trade in small amounts of Federal Reserve Notes for Tangible Assets, or sound money.

We should no longer let skepticism be the topic of the day, especially when the wealthy have been protecting their wealth for centuries by storing the value of their wealth in tangible assets. Statistics have shown that Black Americans are on the bottom of the economic ladder in terms of our average net worth. This is due to our lack of knowledge and understanding pertaining to asset accumulation, and failure to practice group economics.

Without any substantial and concentrated economic power, we cannot be a force politically. The Make Black America Great Again and #Tangibles2020 Movements, combined, will provide the economic and self-driven political force necessary to grant us the justice required through our self-initiated reparations.


Together in unity, we will be able to display our unity and identify with each other, showing the world how we are Making Black America Great Again. Nationwide, individuals have opportunities to embrace their black empowerment with apparel we can all identify with. Our longstanding cultural traditions have stood up to the tests of time, and our activewear will do the same.


Join the MOBILIZATION of Black Americans who want to bring about the critical changes needed to empower our communities. It is going to take each and every one of us to make the commitment to move forward with individual and productive group economic activities. Together with our productive activities and sound money purchasing power will result in making our lives better and Making Black America Great Again.





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