President Biden's Strategic Priorities and the Unaddressed Concerns of Black American Society


Critics argue that President Joe Biden's focus on geopolitics and interactions with a select group of Black pseudo-elitists may inadvertently disenfranchise the broader Black American community. In this article, we explore the perception that Biden's administration is sidestepping critical issues in favor of public relations opportunities, potentially neglecting the systemic changes needed for positive impacts on Black society in America.

  1. Geopolitical Priorities vs. Domestic Issues:

Some critics contend that President Biden's extensive focus on geopolitical matters, particularly in Ukraine, has diverted attention from pressing domestic issues, including racial and economic disparities that disproportionately affect Black Americans.

  1. Limited Engagement with Grassroots Movements:

While the Biden administration engages with prominent Black figures, it is criticized for not actively participating in or endorsing grassroots movements advocating for change within Black communities. Critics argue that real change requires direct engagement with those most affected by systemic issues.

  1. Pseudo-Elitist Interactions:

The perception that President Biden primarily interacts with a select group of Black pseudo-elitists raises concerns about whether the administration truly understands the diverse challenges faced by the broader Black American society.

  1. Public Relations Cover-Up:

Some argue that public relations efforts, while essential for any administration, may be used to deflect attention from the lack of tangible progress in addressing systemic issues within Black communities. A focus on photo opportunities may inadvertently overshadow the need for substantive policy changes.

  1. Criminal Justice Reform Rhetoric:

Critics point out that despite the rhetoric surrounding criminal justice reform, meaningful changes have been slow to materialize. The administration's approach is questioned, with some arguing that it lacks the urgency required to address systemic issues within the criminal justice system affecting Black Americans.

  1. Economic Disparities:

The Biden administration's emphasis on economic recovery is acknowledged, but critics argue that the impact on Black communities remains insufficient. Addressing economic disparities requires a more targeted and nuanced approach, with specific policies tailored to uplift marginalized communities.

  1. Education Reform:

While the administration acknowledges the importance of education, critics argue that more proactive measures are needed to address systemic issues within the education system, such as resource disparities, unequal access to quality education, and the school-to-prison pipeline affecting Black students.

  1. Healthcare Disparities:

Despite the administration's commitment to expanding access to healthcare, critics emphasize that targeted efforts are essential to address longstanding healthcare disparities that disproportionately affect Black Americans, particularly in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Grassroots Economic Empowerment:

Some argue that the Biden administration should prioritize grassroots economic empowerment initiatives, including support for Black-owned businesses and community-led economic development projects, to create lasting positive impacts on Black society.

  1. Community-Centric Policies:

A call for more community-centric policies is echoed by critics who believe that the administration should actively involve Black communities in the decision-making process, ensuring that policies directly reflect the needs and aspirations of those most affected by systemic challenges.


While the Biden administration may engage with select Black figures and emphasize certain policy areas, there is a growing concern that critical issues affecting the broader Black American community are not receiving the attention and urgency they deserve. Critics argue that a more comprehensive and community-centric approach is needed to enact substantive and lasting positive changes within Black society in America.



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