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Battle Court Jai-Alai is the world's fastest ball sport played in a new, electrifying format.

Battle Court features two (2) singles players or two (2) doubles teams in a head-to-head battle for court dominance.

An Battle Court match is won by the first player to secure 2 out of 3 sets.

It takes six (6) points to win a set, and two (2) sets to win a match.

Similar to other sports (i.e. tennis), a player may fault one (1) time on a serve.

But, if two (2) serves result in faults, then the opponent wins the point.

At the start of a new point, the ball is served by the winner of the previous point.

However, at the start of a new set, the loser of the previous set will begin with the serve.

The action is lightning fast, so strategy and stamina are the name of the game in Battle Court Jai-Alai!


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