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DivaSpeaks Show #9

Tune in to this heated discussion on finances and relationships! Should finances, credit and disposal income be factored into your decision to date someone or progress to a relationship? Does your struggle become your partner's issue? Are there unrealistic expectations placed upon your potential partner? Join the conversation now! Be sure to share this episode and podcast with a friend!
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DivaSpeaks Show #7

A very candid discussion on the state of black women in today's dating climate. Are black women still desirable to black men? Is all hope lost? Or have the black woman's loyalty and devotion to the black man holding her back? Special guest John Palmore will help weigh in on this issue and share his personal experiences with our audience. Tune In on the first of many discussions to be had on this matter!
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DivaSpeaks Show #5

In this incredible episode of DivaSpeaks, special guest: Adria and Libra weigh in on women whom are successful in stealing another woman's man and the three divas also discuss the subject matter of; why are there so many single black women. Each of the ladies provide their personal perspective, opinions and provide personal accounts. In addition, during the broadcast, DivaSpeaks podcast connects with the crew of Power By The People out of Washington DC. Tune in to hear an explosive conversation between the two panels. Men vs Women.
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DivaSpeaks Show #1

A candid discussion on the sense of entitlement many women have on the dating scene. You want to date her? Ok, pick a bill of hers to pay and you can THEN date her‼️‼️‼️ Is making financial demands on a man during the dating phase acceptable? Is this attractive? Is this ever ok? Tune In.
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