[DS] War Games A Simulation Of A 2024 Coup After The Election, The Final Act – Ep. 3273


The people of Europe are not giving up, they are now banning together and the EU is in trouble, they cannot stop what is happening. Layoffs are accelerating. The [CB] will push their [CBDC], but it will push people into alternative currencies. The [DS] is now projecting what they are going to do for the 2024 election. They used covid to cheat in the election and this time around they know they are going to lose. They have been war gaming a simulation of a coup after the 2024 election. This will be their final treasonous act. They are now creating the idea that patriots will revolt after the election when Trump loses. This is the opposite, they will not accept the results and they will use their people to push the event. Playbook known.



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