Episode 3: The Luxury Brand That Drips

Jasahn Stewart, Luxury Designer, who is the creator of drippy. You can describe drippy as a mouse or bear that drips. He decided to turn his love for the character drippy into a brand that is for high end consumers who want custom pieces of clothing ranging from pants, shirts, shoes, and anything else you can think of. The question is how do we get there? There are many avenues you can take such as partnering with other huge brands that want your product but it can be overwhelming like Jasahn said in his interview. But that came to short lived conclusion because you basically making the same product over and over again without being able to diversify your taste in whatever it is you want to create. So he decided to stop dealing with stores and take on the full time load of entrepreneurship building up his name and doing custom clothing to big and small time people who want custom art on their clothing. In this interview, we speak on the challenges he faced at 22 years old while building up what he has now. Looking at the world and business of design in the world. Dealing with many different factors such as attitudes, budget, clients, ability to create what you want, etc. To hear all that is spoke on listen to the interview above.


Instagram- Jasahnstewart

Episode: Episode 3- The Luxury Brand That Drips

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