Law Enforcement Agencies That Could Empower The Black Community...

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In the wake of the recent activity that is going on nationally from the non-guilty verdict of Kyle Rittenhouse to the guilty verdicts in the Ahmaud Arbery Case, what does this mean for Black People in America?  I have come to the conclusion that if Black American People want justice at all levels of the criminal justice system they are going to have to participate for their survival.  What would that look like and what law enforcement agencies, in theory, and would be beneficial to Black Survival in America?  Why are we as Black People are not in the information and intelligence collection community especially when that information is used to harm our community?  Attached are the articles that are discussed in today's programming.  I will be having another programming about informing on other demographics that are harming the Black Community and why we should take a stand against those that harm our community.  There will be a small series about community policing, thoughts, and theories in relation to the Foundational Black Community's interest in protection and justice.    

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Links To Articles...,After%20Rittenhouse%20verdict%2C%20legal%20experts%20say%20Wisconsin%20and%20Connecticut,similar%20laws%20on%20self%20defense&text=In%20Connecticut%2C%20for%20example%2C%20a,in%20their%20home%20or%20workplace.,riots%20at%20the%20U.S.%20Capitol.&text=of%20Justice%20said%2024%2Dyear,for%20the%20District%20of%20Columbia. 


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