Most of the folks that follow my work know that I'm all about technology and vesting into digital currency and assets. The first step to it all is simply setting up a system of crypto wallets that can be accessed so individuals can liquidate portions of their digital and decentralized virtual fiat. The publishing business has a habbit of being able to create works and media that can easily be done pretty much at no expense. During my times as a digital print publisher I discovered quickly how the large utulity factor could greatly impact our business.

As Ms. Exquisite and I ventured beyond the Digital Conglomerate Magazine and Exquisite Fusion Magazine publications we began to master the overall processes of delivery. The series of books that I've written as well as published excercise complex production and distribution practices that digitally print their own currency.



Demonstrations of Digital Marketing Professionalism formulated the digital currency printing press strategies, Mock-Up Tested the production process, VETAKIA and author Kantigi Camara gave us a virtual look at the universe through sci-fi, Advertising Overlord brought us all of the tools to engage in the necessary dimplomacy to make spending digital bits all possible.
Minus one live event at the now defunct The Last Word book store which was located in Charlotte, NC our digital publishing empire has been able to hash out a fuel and catalyst that continues to drive our digital solutions consulting business today. Media has always had its battle with legal obstacles and business related forces that could impede any media business. Our media business has always been able to stand above the rest not by just demonstrating professionalism, but by actually making things happen and by living by the words that we publish.


DIgital strategy and connecting with individuals that are mobile allows for more creative opportunities to take place. Dishonest business practices often take advantage of the multitudes of opportunties to cause pretty tough situations, and you wouldn't want this to happen to you or your business. This is why protecting your identity in the digital space is very important. Crypto currency transactions allow people to have security in knowing that others cannot access their "financial data" when they are accepting or using crypto currencies such as BITCOIN or LITECOIN.

It's not only important to protect yourself by using blockchain based transactions recording. You must also protect yourself and your identity because identity thieves live in the real world, and not just online. Their are various companies that offer protection which can alert you if your identity has been compromised. They can alert you of any suspected tampering with your financial credit or social security number. There is only one company the can monitor, alert, and restore your identity online and offline. Any suspicious activities that may be going on with your identity will be investigated and corrected. Even if the cost to the company for repairing your identity is $5,000,000. Don't trust the credit bureau that could compromise your identity in the first place. You're so much smarter than that. Don't take risks on compromising your financial and personal information. Get the shield IDSHIELD.




Garland L. McLaughlin, CEO, Author, Radio Personality, Ad Guy, The Consulting Guy

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