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February 19



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Revealing Better Results is a business professional podcast radio program that delivers timely information to business-related communities globally. The Consulting Guy and Miss Exquisite demonstrate the importance of delivering practical business tools to small businesses and companies that are working toward reaching the next level in their development. The podcast radio programs are professionally produced with entertaining commercials and selected music features. Revealing Better Results podcast radio programs are usually between 25 and 30 minutes in length. Garland McLaughlin aka The Consulting Guy is widely known for his marketing work within many industries, but in the digital age you must always be prepared to exhibit Demonstrations of Digital Marketing Professionalism. More Books from Garland L. McLaughlin on Amazon. Leathia Hart aka Ms. Exquisite is a hospitality and marketing industry professional with an entrepreneurial spirit. Ms. Exquisite is the owner and operator of Exquisite Barista Services.

 Combining their efforts through EPRN they'll continue Revealing Better Results.

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