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P.S.A Podcast (S3Ep14) Solid as Ice

Episode 14 dives deep into everybody's favorite topic...loyalty. The episode features @ lewis_theelite, who brings up several great points on loyalty. The two reminisce on past experiences where they questioned the loyalty of others, and even give their take on what being "solid" actually is.
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P.S.A (S3Ep1) Level Up

In the season 3 opener Izzy and his co-host (Chello)discuss how getting your feelings hurt truly forces you to boss up. The two bring up past experiences as well as give their sides on times where they have hurt others based on things they said. After making jokes about 21 Savage, making jokes about Calvin Cambridge, and even making jokes about being homeless, somehow the two still find a way to communicate the message of the episode. Using the negative comments of others can benefit in your favor.Follow @chelsey.danyeal for photography!Follow @Shoptrapmoji for apparel!Follow @landlord__lo for beats!Search "The S Project, Sincerely" by Heman Armstrong on Youtube!
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