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I am an aspiring podcaster in charge of " The Negro Reconciliation “based on breaking the chain of slavery between White Americans, Asians and Chinses, Afrikaans and Jamaicans; through the power of God and the need to separate and delineate under United States copyright law involving Negro State of Affairs.

As God has brought some issues, concerns, and complaints to my attention that unlawful coping  Negroes, hair, hairstyles, clothing styles, likeness, looks, skin impersonation continue to unfairly exploited White Americans, Asians and Chinses, Afrikaans and Jamaicans; and in order to  preserve  our culture, styles, from being unfairly exploited we must commence with exercising the universal spiritual rights, and natural moral rights  to self-protect-that leads to self-preservation.

The Negro Reconciliation Podcast" arises out of the broken chain of White American State and Religious oppression; and the immoral laws of mankind where the Negro people have been given the greenlight by the righteousness of God, that has led us to self-governing ourselves by removing fear and unrighteousness that precipitate modern day enslavement; and that encourage legalizing Negro, Foundational Black American alienation condition from the rest of society.

According the message from God it is time for us Negro-to-Hebrew-Christian people.to separate, build and defend ourselves from all unrighteous that comes in the new form sin by white Americans legalizing domestic terrorism; supported and encouraged by Foreigners and international Immigrant who uses the weapon of race hate against Negroes and their heir as gotten Gods attention as the Judgement of God is being pronounce against the United States of America for the innocent blood shed that is crying out from the ground saying “how long oh lord holy and true do you not avenge our blood upon the earth”  Rev. 6:10.

We are making away for our people to escape the Judgement of God that is pending on United States and the Negroes and Foundation Black Americans have a hope with Us. The NBNU-Government; The New Testament Church of Delaware you can call us at: (302) 322-6582.

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Roland Dunham

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