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P.S.A Podcast (S3Ep5) Remote Island

Today's society has used isolation to cope with a lot of their problems. Isolation can be a cry for help, but it can also be used as a time to refocus and get somethings in order. Episode 5 attacks both sides of isolation with co host @ dieselgas. The two also jokingly create a playlist catered to those in isolation. *I do not own copyrights to movie clips used*
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P.S.A Podcast (S3Ep4) Contagious

If you believed in yourself as much as you believed in everyone else imagine where you'd be right now. Episode 4 (based off the movie Glass), helps the audience to digest why having high self confidence is needed. Prepare to take notes as this episode is heavily detailed and if you don't want any spoilers about the movie "Glass" then this may not be the episode for you.
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