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P.S.A Podcast (S3Ep4) Contagious

If you believed in yourself as much as you believed in everyone else imagine where you'd be right now. Episode 4 (based off the movie Glass), helps the audience to digest why having high self confidence is needed. Prepare to take notes as this episode is heavily detailed and if you don't want any spoilers about the movie "Glass" then this may not be the episode for you.
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Check out our new show featuring Blaire Hastings.


Originally from Southern California, but residing in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Hastings has been breaking into her music career full time for over a year now. She is under G3S Management in which she recently got booked to perform at the 2018 Arkansas Summer Jam on Friday, August 3. This will be her first live performance. 


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Out of the first season this has to be our favorite episode because we speak with a one of the founding members of groovy music who has built up a name for himself as a producer and as an artist that is transforming the scope of music as we see it. Groovy music isn’t just a hip hop group but stepping their foot in and on many different genres such as rock music, pop, and much more. TD6 of Groovy Music schools us in the game of music business which a lot of us don’t really understand until we hear it from a veteran in the industry. As we sat down with him we learned about all the past deals that him and Groovy Music have made which turned out not to be good but despite all that they decided to do things their own way and slowly they have been building up their name all over.

Instagram: TD6

Episode: Transforming The Scope Of Music

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Episode 4: Looking Up At The Stars

peaking to Moon we get a sense of not really knowing what our passion is until it hits us in the face. He started off as a mechanic but he didn’t really care for the job after a while then he gets into acting school which turned out to be the best thing that happened to him. He brakes down how acting school helped him come out of his shell to become the person he is today. Collaborating with others and understand the different vibes that are around him can have a huge influence on the way you live your life. Moon went from mechanic to acting to music production to artist. Now he is an entertainer taking on all those experiences and skills he has gained into the music that he creates today either in the booth or on the laptop producing beats. I would say the biggest takeaway from this episode is you will go through a journey of self discovery changing different occupations but you have to know that it’s okay to have a change of pace. When things are ready to present themselves they will.


Instagram- Moon

Link to Episode: Looking Up At The Stars

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