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P.S.A (S3Ep2) Government Shutdown

Season 3 coming right back at you with another triggering episode that attacks people who lack effective communication skills. This episode identifies this as stonewalling, and reveals the dangers of not talking about things that needed to be talked about.
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Episode 9: Moving Forward

In the season finale of Everyday People as we bring a close to season 1 of the podcast we hear issues of growing in and out of the struggle. Tentoekidd from Lexington, KY had to be uprooted from his hometown to California in his 9th grade year of school so he could pursue better opportunities. Leading us to our next point, opportunities arise when you keep grinding and working on your craft. Tentoekidd has a distribution deal with Bentley Records which I call a huge opportunity to do things that he previously couldn’t at the age he was at before. Now that he has his distribution deal there isn’t anything standing in his way. It’s only up from here.

Episode: Moving Forward


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