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Revealing Better Results Show 61

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Today we have special guest Kendrick Davis on Revealing Better Results. Kendrick is an entrepreneur, and owner of 3k Commercial Cleaning. We discuss different areas of his story. Visit his website and if you own a business utilize his commercial cleaning services available across North Carolina! www.3kcommercialcleaning.com

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(S3Ep25) Stress Test

After an unexpected week off, P.S.A ironically comes back with an episode catered to stress. The purpose of this episode is to showcase that although stress is inevitable, it is a person's choice to remain "stressed out". The episode features @(chelle.glams), who is notorious for allowing stress to consume her at times. As she opens up, the listeners will be able to see what it's like for those that overthink. People who overthink will be able to relate, while people who don't will be able to have an idea on what overthinking is like. *I DO NOT OWN COPYRIGHTS TO SOUNDS AND CLIPS USED*
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(S3Ep24) AntiHero

Episode 24 was inspired by the phrase "i'm a good person". Izzy wants to know "who said that"? Most categorize people in two categories. This consist of good people and bad people. The episode calls those people to the carpet and asks "who died and made you king". Either way, the episode reveals how most people are a healthy mix of good and evil. *inserts Mandark laugh*
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(S3Ep23) The Players Club

This episode was inspired by an interview with Coffey Anderson on "The Roommates Podcast", where he discussed using what you have to get what you want. This correlates with the same phrase used in the classic film "The Players Club". You already have the gifts and talents you need within you, it's just up to you to use them. The episode makes references to the Disney Channel, Dragonball Z, and even StoveTopKisses.
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(S3Ep22) Rated "M" for Mature

Episode 22 breaks down both immaturity as well as maturity. Just because a person is quiet or has a calm personality, doesn't mean they are mature. Maturity is a scale, and the episode showcases this in several ways. It also reveals that most people are more immature than they realize, and in some crazy way, Izzy finds a way to ask Popeyes to sponsor him. *I DO NOT OWN ANY CLIPS USED*
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