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(S3Ep18) The Relationship Series Part 2

The second part of the action packed "Relationship Series" attacks singleness. The purpose of the episode is to show that just because you're single, doesn't mean that you're lonely. The episode also reveals that there is no set time limit to be single either because timing is everything. Izzy is joined by two more guests, (@fluadellic & @drekaray) to empower the singles. This episode asks triggering questions that will leave the audience rethinking their current lifestyles and "relationship goals".
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(S3Ep17) The Relationship Series Part 1

Episode 17 is the first part of four part series titled "The Relationship Series". The first part of the series covers friendships with special guests(@ Tamsterdam & @ whoiskayw), who discuss what friendship means to them amongst other topics. Topics including loyalty, communication, and whether any of the three have friends that they can rely on.
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