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The people are seeing the economy go down the tubes. As c that the economy is great people are going to see the lier. The Fed has been trapped into printing, the will have to print their way out of this, which will devalue the currency and destroy their system. The fake news, actors and the [DS] are now panicking, they realize that the people are on the side of Trump and more and more people are going to his side. The [DS]/[CB] have set us on the path to war and the people are panicking. The people are waking up and in the end they will reject war. Trump will continue talk about peace and the people will eventually agree with him and in the end he will have the people and the people will see the true enemy.

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Episode 127

Hosted by Garland L. McLaughlin aka Consulting Guy

Political and Decentralized Finance Update




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Droematic welcomes his child hood friends to the show to talk about their current career paths, and how they have been dealing with their financial struggles over the years. We also discuss financial literacy and how you can alter your life style to get out of financial debt quicker, and build up your credit score. Ramon (Judge) and J-Dub give advice and tips on how felons that are struggling to get employment can go into entrepreneurship to better themselves and their current situation. Finally, the crew debate heavily on the current top 5 rappers in the game today, and attempt to shut down Reyah's argument that Drake is one of the top 5 greatest rappers of all time.
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In this episode, the crew talks about online dating, and why African-American women and Asian men get swiped left on the most, on dating apps such as Tinder. We also give advice on how to meet new people based on your current circumstances. The ladies give their opinion on knowing when it's the right time to walk away from a marriage and file divorce. Finally, Droematic takes questions from some of the listeners that have relationship problems, that need to be turned into relationship goals.
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This is a 3 part relationship series co-hosted with the author of "Sasha's Story" and (LCSW) marriage therapist, La'Neika Benbow. We talk about what it takes to have a successful relationship, and the keys to having a solid marriage. We also talk about the Pusha T and Drake Beef, along with the strange photos taken by Jay-Z and Beyonce.
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