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Revealing Better Results Show 89

Hosted By Garland L. McLaughlin aka Consulting Guy

Featuring Mr. Roland Dunham

President of Lions Club New London, CT.




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Revealing Better Results Show 82

Hosted By Garland L. McLaughlin

Featuring Guest  Monique Idemudia 

Founder of Dragon Digital Marketing



Sponsored In Part By...


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Revealing Better Results Show 67


Revealing Better Results SHOW 67 [LISTEN HERE]

Sponsored in Part By

Exquisite Conglomerate Communications   +   EPRN +   Exquisite Barista Services


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Featuring Wealth Wave's Roger Silvera

Featuring Yvette Holmes, PHD.
Featuring HERTUBE TV Owner Audrey Bell-Kearney
Featuring Atlanta Realtor Caprice Little 
Featuring Author Felicia Baucom
Public Speaking
Consulting Guy & Miss Exquisite
Students of Digital Marketing
Late August End of Summer 2017
The Honorable Judge Joe Brown
Author Tjuana Lorraine
Featuring Music and Media
Project Management Full Circle
American Tragedy and the Economy
Authors of ASSASSIN Kacey Ezell and Marisa Wolf

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